Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blah Blah Blah

There comes a moment, when its time to drown out all the BS and plug in your head phones, and pump up the volume! That’s right. All that pointless chitter- chatter buzzing in your ears, just as annoying and nerve wrenching as the clanging of the stainless steel vessels in your kitchen. ANNOYING!

*8am call time. YAWN. Traveling half way across the city just to get there; DOUBLE YAWN. Glancing around the make up room in absolute awe, WOW! The amazing black and whites hanging on the walls left me awe struck. The silhouettes of slender beauties and portraits of great men and women of our times, left me memorized… not for long. ‘Ouchhhh!!!’ Yes it was time for hair and make- up; the prodding of brushes against my sleepy eyes, and ‘ooowwww!!!’, yes that’s my hair , and incase you were wondering, it is in fact attached to … I don’t know… my scalp? Easy now!

‘ Soooo honey, do you have a boyfriend??? Or do you free- lance? Hahahhahahahaha’.
 Ummm what? I chose not to reply.

‘Looks like she’s sleeping! Okay so anyways Lila, is that the new MAC pallet you were telling me about? Gorgeous colours darling.. Absolutely gorgeous, just stunning!’

‘ Thanks yah Ricky, are those hair extensions? Oh my God, they look fabulous babes, just so so so so dam fabulous! Amazing! Wow! Oh are those for us? Give me one na! Hello, honey? You want a sandwich?’

‘ Arey? Why are you even offering her? You know these models don’t even eat na, besides this one looks like she’s on the water diet! Haahahahhaha!’

*Ummm I know my eyes are shut, but I aint deaf luv! I half smile sleepily in response. I’ll pass on the sandwich…. Coffee perhaps? You know caffeine? That beverage people usually consume in the morning to feel more awake and … alive? No? Okay…!

‘ Okay sweety babes, get up we have to change you ! Okay now Lils watch the hair darling, pleeeezzzz!!!’

‘ Oh ho, baby your soo bloated ya, what ya ! You need to lose some weight on your tummy babes, like come on! Ricky you turn around! Let me change her, what are you staring at?’

* Ummm what? Coming from the big wobbly woman….. Right! No comment.

‘ Lila what are you saying? She’s so skinny hon ! Look at these ribs popping out! Not attracted, here babes, have a sandwich!!’

*I had two options, I could either let myself sink into an emotional hole so deep, that only the Channing Tatum (topless, of course ) or perhaps Brad Pitt on one knee could lure me out or I could take the high road. Because nothing anyone else says or does should have the power to make me feel less than adequate, shake my confidence or determine how I feel about myself. With that, I slip on my beautiful strappy stiletto, toss my hair back while pouting and winking at myself in the mirror. Swiftly plugging in my head phones, pump – pumping it up, give them both a quick glance and giggle softly, spin around on my heel and strut out of the door! 

I hope you’d do the same! ;) xoxo

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It Puzzles Me

Sometimes I wonder if the universe is capable of sending us signals. The Universe, or perhaps, some deeper greater force of the unknown. Could this be true? Ever wondered how suddenly in your life there is a series of the most bizarre and random events that you encounter. It’s almost like a puzzle….but only you can find the missing pieces and reveal the answer, or mysterious message. I believe that everyone in your life serves a purpose. People are introduced to your life for a reason. Whether it’s to teach you a profound lesson, perhaps even link you to your past, provide a platform to promote you to your future or simply provide support when you need it the most. It is intriguing. Xo xo

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Don't hate the game, hate the PLAYA! ;)

 Hello Guys and Dolls,

I think you will all agree with me when I say, it is a complicated world out there for all singletons. With all the games people play.... one beguns to wonder, is it easier to just be in a DAMN relationship? ( Not really :P, because it can be fun!)

There is a reason why they say that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. The ‘differences’ between both genders are vastly innumerable. I mean come on, these ‘differences’ even manage to form the basis of volumes of novels, movies and television shows. I would like to however focus on one particular disparity that was recently brought to my attention. The question of monogamy; are women instinctively monogamous?
Its been established that it is more acceptable for a man to have multiple partners and go around hooking up with whoever he likes, in fact its cool, its awesome, he’s a plaayaaa, all his buddy’s love him, he’s a the main man ! But if a girl ever hazards to do the same…. She’s a raging ho ! Simple!


‘I’m having no strings sex with this guy, Ben! It’s amazing! No commitment, no drama, just a whole bunch of fun! ’, exclaimed Rita

We all looked back at her, some of us smiling and high-fiveing her for her cool and care free approach and some of us secretly questioning, how she could be sure that this is what she wanted.

A few days later, Bettina got dumped! ‘ Eeeewww, I can’t believe I dated that freak for the past year and a half. Uh whatever, now that I’m single I’m going to make the most of it, go out and meet new people and have a good time!’ And so she did.

I on the other hand, having recently converted to Team single, found myself involved with a smooth operator of sorts.  

As time advanced, Rita found that she was tiring of her situation, and told Ben that in fact she did need something more. She was weary of the sneaking around, and fancy free attitude she had acquired. She wasn’t entirely comfortable with the possibility of Ben being with other women and decided to confront him. He in turn was slightly alarmed by her sudden change of heart and although he did not want to terminate their relations, needed some time to think.

Bettina, managed to reestablish herself as the social, crazy, fun, single- girl that she once was. She redeemed her image and let her hair down. Dancing on the table tops at night clubs, burying her pain beneath layers of makeup and tequila. ‘What ? This is the best way, trust me!’ She affirmed, when I questioned her.

I find myself caught between the ideals of Rita and Bettina , while a part of me is concerned that I will enervate of the monotonous game playing and risk taking, another part of me is quite content by dancing the night away, and remaining footloose, fancy free and….. Single !

What happens next…..? Stay tuned!

Yes, it is indeed a complicated world out there for singletons! But hey, enjoy the ride; be crazy, be spontaneous, and stay one step ahead of the game. And oh yeah.. Don’t Get Played ! ;) xo xo

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

To Vice? Or Think Twice?

So, we all have our flaws…our addictions…our vices! Something which makes ‘the perfect’, well…….. imperfect! Something that makes us more human!

Mine are Coffee and Cigerettes…. Eeeeew! Yes well, I know what you are thinking. But now here’s the thing, how on earth do you give them up? I welcome any sort of suggestions or advice. Caffeine is but a bare necessity for those on the go, as are cigarettes, especially at a work place! Cigarette-breaks provide mere entertainment. But beware of this dangerous vortex which one is so easily sucked into. One minute you’re heading out to grab some fresh air, and then before you know it, boom! You’re all ‘heyy man, can I bum a cig off you?’ you’ve turn into one of those.. ‘Social- smokers’. Jeez, don’t roll your eyes! You don’t want to feel left out!

As for coffee, ha! Let’s face it, now a lot can happen over coffee! Whether it’s a business meeting, an interview, maybe an excuse to hang-out with your latest crush..….what? He’s a total hotty! It could even be the usual ‘make- up’ or ‘break-up’ scenario. Oooh and there’s always the epic coffee- catch- up- sesh with your girlfriends, dissecting your love lives, whining about your ex, otherwise known as ‘that idiot who broke my heart’ or more fondly ‘the guy who cried love’, ask Carrie Bradshaw, she'll tell you a thing or two about him!
Yes, there is a LOT, that can happen over coffee. And frankly speaking if its, such a problem, maybe you should switch to a decaf, or perhaps even a green tea! :D xoxo

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

OnwardsAnd Upwards

Hello Cyber Peeps and a very good day to you!

Yes the idiom, 'Onwards and Upwards', is definitely how I wish to describe the next chapter of my life. Its time to grow up, buckle down, have fun, but remain responsible. I have big dreams, and as the proverb goes, ' In dreams lies responsibility'. We, each and every single one of us are responsible for acting wisely and executing them.

 Most importantly being positive is what really matters. As a positive mind forsees happiness, success, good health and peace. Whatever the mind anticipates, it finds!! The mind is actually far more powerful than we realise. It is responsible for many an emotion. It can make you feel happy, sad, scared, confused, grumpy....! A book I read a while ago, advised that if you close your eyes and focus on what you really want in life, whatever it may be you can in fact acheieve it. Close your eyes and paint a picture of your goals and dreams, and really think hard and meditate on them. Be it a famous boxer, a celebrity chef, Britains next top model, a millionaire, to marry an amazing man and have a big house with glass windows, no mater how big or small your dream is, you actually can achieve it. Ready to move mountains and chase the sun? Lets give it a shot ! :)


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Love And The Single Girl

There is nothing like a fun girly chat during lunch break at your work place to add excitement to an otherwise monotonous day.

'No but then if you don't get married by the time your 25, all the good ones get taken! Thats what Ma says!' explaimed Riya.

'Haha what kind of retarded logic is that? You marry when you're in Love and when you're ready and thats all there is to it!' asserted Tina.

Love is always a popular topic, be it two people falling in love or out of love, fighting for love or giving up on love. But what is Love? ( I stare blankly at my computer screen, waiting for the words to come to me)  Who knows. I never questioned it when I was a victim of it. But now I'm curious.

' I feel so much love , I want to be with him all the time! I feel so comfortable with him, he's my everything! I can't imagine myself without him. I loveee being in love! I feel complete! Its the best feeling ever !He makes me soooo happy!! ' It wasn't too hard for Tina, who has been 'in love' for the past 2 years to fill in the blanks for me.

Then why is it so hard for the single girl? Heres why....the single girl is tired of being let down by love. Look deep into her eyes and you will find the reminiscnes of a Love lost or destroyed. She is hopeful, and open to being swept off her feet. It is important for the single girl not to turn her back on love or be bitter , because deep down inside,she knows it is worth having Loved and lost, than not loved at all!  xxx

"Love is patient; love is kind, and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceieted, nor rude; never seflish, not quick to take offense. There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, its endurance. In a word, there are three things that last forever: faith, hope and love; but the greatest of them all is love. "                 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Quarter Life Crisis

How is it , that the transformation from ones adolescence to full fledged adulthood can be so....daunting? The what and where and WHO you want to be, becomes more of a reality. There are questions, doubts and insecurities that attack us...leading to what can only be termed as, a profound internal struggle.

When I was little, I remember trying on my Mother's high heels and pearls and strutting around the house showing off. My Father would look at me and frown. ' I cant wait to grow up Daddy!', I remember myself saying. He'd smile and explain to me, that life is way more simple and fun when you are younger. Of course that made no sense to me. With every bad dream or scraped knee, I'd go running to my parents; one big hug and kiss and........ candy bar later, life was good again! I was back on my feet, running around the play ground, without a care in the world!

Sadly, candy bars no longer bring refuge. In fact I've been asked to lay off them by my dermatologist, as excess sugar is not good for my complexion. True story!

So what does bring refuge then?This............ the heroic tales and stories brimming with inspiration.Your teachers, your work colleague, your girlfriends, your driver, your hairstylist ....the size zero model staring back at you on the cover of this month's Vogue, have all been through.......... 'Struggle'! In some shape or form. Which leads me to believe...that feeling lost, vulnerable, clueless, insecure and anxious are completely normal human emotions. Overcoming the 'struggle', includes discovering your own strength and ability to rise above whatever predicaments life throws at you and bouncing back on your feet, just as you did when you were a child. After all life is your playground, so run far and wide.

                                                           Light. Love .Magic . xoxo